Lev Timorson
Name: Lev Timorson
Race: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 Lb
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Ice blue
Complexion: Pale
Markings: A collection of burns on his hands and wrists. Four thick, white scars that run in parellel lines from his left shoulder, down his chest. A collection of old, faded scars on his back and legs. A brand of a horned head on the palm of his left hand.

Physical Appearance: Like most his his countrymen Lev has grown up to resemble his home; rugged, barren and hard. As a privileged member of the ruling class he has always had enough food in his belly, so he has grown tall and strong, and his work in the forge has helped sculpt him into a bear of a man with large, well defined muscles. His hair hangs to his shoulders, but unlike most of his countrymen it has not been allowed to matt into dreadlocks, and he wears his face clean shaven.
He prefers plain, functional clothes, the only decoration he wears is a large black claw, hung on a leather thing around his neck.

Personality: A practical, straightforward man, at first glance Lev is brusque and reserved. Under his taciturn exterior is a mostly unexplored depth.

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Likes: working in the forge, especially when he can work on his artwork. Solitude. Sunrises in the dark winter months. Hunting.

Dislikes: Crowds. Formal ceremonies. Formal clothing. Being compared to his brothers.

Flaws & Weaknesses: Lev doesn't know anything about outside cultures or people, and so currently holds quite narrow view about the world. He cannot read or write. He is distrustful of strangers.

Bio: Born into a family with status and wealth, Lev is the youngest of six brothers and three sisters. As the seventh son it was expected that he would study the mystic religion of the Ice Lands after his coming of age. Always a quiet, reserved boy who liked the company of his sisters as much as he did the rough games his brothers played Lev was content with his fate. After his first hunt, on the 13th anniversary of his first step, he was sent away to study. He returned home in disgrace, banished by his teacher. Various rumors surround his banishment, but Lev has so far neither confirmed or denied any of them.

After returning home he started learning a trade, like a common artisan, taking an appentiship to a blacksmith.Although he was always a quiet boy who kept his own council Lev seemed content working in the forge, working under his master during the day and creating strange sculptures in the evening, the artworks a remnant of his time with the mystics.

Lev's life changed again when a battle with a neighbouring tribe wiped out the Tsar of the Ice Lands, and, after a short and bloody power struggle, Lev's father took the throne. Now, as an heir, however distant, to the kingdom of the Ice Land Lev has been pulled out of his forge and forced into a position of peripheral power. Worse, his father, Timor the Strong, has decide to try to join the political arena with nearby countries, and Lev is to be married to a member of a far away land, where he is expected to live for a year, forging diplomatic bonds, before returning home with his bride.