Jon Chane
A mountainous bear of a man, Jon was raised as a gladiator.  He was, before being given as a gift, best known as a Cestus, bare hands and cestii, and a Dimachaerus, lightly armored and wielding matching blades.  He was also well known as a Bestiarius, a warrior who would face fearsome Beasts in the arena.  His final battle was an unarmed match in which he killed an adult, male lion.

Standing nearly 6' 6", his 240 pounds belie the speed and grace he is able to move with.

He looks older than his 26 years by a decade or more.  His grizzled hair is shaved to stubble and his bushy, spade-shaped beard is slightly darker, as is his body hair.  His eyes are as bright and open as a child's, brimming with good natured tolerance.