Yehudit Buckley
Name: Yehudit Buckley

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Race: Human

Occupation or Trade: Innkeeping

Family: Liadan is her mother and Aron claims her as his daughter. Younger siblings include Ertzel, Joseph, Geoffrey, Lizbet and Victoria

Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: A long dagger, a twisted fork.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Very clever, good at problem solving. Also an escape artist.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She is not as clumsy as her mother but Yehudit is far from graceful. Violent temper.

Hair: Wild and black. She tries to keep it combed and tied back but it always breaks free.
Eyes: Blue-gray
Height/Weight: 5'3", 125 pounds

Personality: Outgoing and fun loving but has a really violent temper when provoked. More than one dish and window has been broken during one of her rages. She has looked up to her adopted cousin Sileas ever since they were children, and Yehudit would follow Sileas anywhere.

Yehudit has been given no reason to doubt that Aron is her father and has happily been raised by both Aron and Liadan. But Yehudit has noticed how her mother behaves strangely in winter and has woke up a time or two from her mother crying out in a nightmare, and sometimes her mother will sleep on the floor by Yehudit's bed. Yehudit can not get her mother to talk about what her nightmares are about and has given up.
Her parents own a nice cottage on the outskirts of the village but have since moved into the inn to be closer to the work. Yehudit often goes to the cottage to hang out with her friends and cousins.

After her sister Yehudit and cousin Lek were kidnapped, Yehudit had killed on of their kidnappers while in a violent rage. It was partially self-defense as the man was trying to kidnap Yehudit, but Yehudit feels terrible about it.

Yehudit's mother had recently told Yehudit about how she came to be. Yehudit took it hard that Aron was not her real father, and that her real father was a violent rapist. She is still coming to terms with this and fears that she will take after her biological father.

Galina had magically marked Yehudit and had gotten some of her blood, she used Yehudit's blood to influence her thoughts and caused Sileas and Yehudit to fight each other- almost to the death. Now that Galina is dead the curse has been lifted, but Yehudit is still a little confused about how she really thinks and feels.

Yehudit was kidnapped by Andy, a man obsessed with Sileas who has magical powers. For hours Yehudit was held captive and tortured, he even broke Yehudit's ankle. Yehudit believed that her cousin would rescue her, and her faith was well-placed. Sileas tracked down Andy and killed him. But Yehudit's ankle never completely healed and she still walks with a limp.