Questa Cort
Name: Questa Cort

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Race: Human

Occupation or Trade: Thief

Family (If any): None

Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: Knotted sock with pebbles in the toe and a shiv.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Skilled thief, potential actress

Weaknesses/Flaws: There are few risks she won't take to get a mouthful of food and a couple coins in her pocket.

Appearance- Missing the pinky finger on her right hand. Dull white shirt, brown vest and loose gray trousers, no shoes.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height/Weight: 5', 85 lbs

Personality: Creative

Questa has been missing her finger as far back as anyone can remember, and when asked about it she never tells the same story twice. It is likely Questa doesn't remember how she lost the finger herself.

She hardly remembers her mother, a tavern wench who abandoned her in Portside, her father could be anyone. Questa joined a gang of other street kids, learned how to steal to survive. Usually just nabbing food or pick-pocketing. But she has on occasion, when  someone seems too rich for their own good, given them a whack on the head with her sock and lightened their wallets. Several passed out drunks have woken up without a single coin in their purses after Questa has found them.

Questa has had trouble from rough men, getting too much attention she can do without so she had taken to carrying a shiv tucked under her vest. Unfortunately after getting cornered in an alley she was forced to use her shiv and her attacker was left bleeding. As Questa fled the scene she was seen by several witnesses who were able to give an accurate description to the guard. The man she killed turned out to be a wealthy Lord, Questa did not rob him but apparently one of the witnesses had turned out his pockets and taken his valuables before the guard showed up making it look like Questa knifed him for his money. To make matter worse someone else in Portside had been cutting throats of the wealthy for their money so Questa found herself being blamed for those murders as well.

Questa left Portside, hitching a ride in the wagon of a farmer on his way home to Buckley Village. Questa was eventually arrested by the guard in Buckley Village. While in the prison the widow of one of the men Questa was accused of murdering came with inquisitors who broke in and tortured Questa. Shawn put a stop to the torture and released Questa into Sileas's custody where she would be safe and able to heal. It was later proven that Questa was not guilty of any of the murders, even the man who attacked her that she cut had only been given superficial wounds by her- it was someone else who finished off her attacker and that same person had committing the murder-robberies.

Questa struggles to fit in with society. She can neither read nor write, may actually have a learning disability but gave up on learning too quick to find out.