Name: Ila

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Race: Human

Occupation or Trade: Worked in a brothel

Family (If any): Disowned
She has a son, a little over a year old, named Dagr. She does not know her son's name, or even whether she had a boy or a girl, only that the baby was sent to the Convent of the Sister's of the Helping Hand.

Marital Status: Single




Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Red dove tattoo on her inner right arm, three inches below her elbow.

Personality: Friendly

History: Grew up well off in Portside. At a party her first serious beau, fellow by the name of Jago, told her he loved her, that he would ask her parents for her hand, that he needed her. Ila believed him and was seduced, she really thought they were in love and was naive about these things. The following week she anxiously waited for him to come ask her parents for permission to marry her but he never came around. There was another party a week after the party where she was seduced. Ila hoped she would get a chance to speak to her beau alone, but to her shock the party started by Jago's engagement to another girl being announced. Ila got up the courage to confront him and caught him alone for a few minutes- he laughed at her. The girl he was betrothed to was richer, Ila was just something to be used while he future wife was away.
Ila was so ashamed she did not tell anyone about it until she realized she was pregnant. She tried going to Jago, his marriage was still weeks away, she hoped he would do what was right for his child's sake, but again he laughed at her. Jago's betrothed overheard, she was angry and disgusted at how Jago was treating Ila. She wanted to refuse to marry him. Unfortunately the girl's parents were set on her marrying Jago and would not let her out of it.
Ila was left with no choice but to tell her parents that she was pregnant before she could show. Her father was so angry and disappointed he sent her to Portside's most elite brothel and left her there.
Ila was branded and locked into a contract. After she gave birth her baby was sent to a convent to be raised and educated. Ila got along with most of the women there, but she hated the job. She was popular with the clients and more than once she had to call for a bouncer when they got too rough. What was worse is that Jago frequented the brothel and asked for her by name. Ila preferred clients that beat her over having to be with the man who was responsible for putting her in this situation. Jago had no interest whatsoever about the his child that Ila bore, but complained about how fat his pregnant wife was and mocked Ila for 'being better the first time'.
Ila actually considered suicide over waiting for her contract to end until one day she had a client who was not as bad as the others. He called himself Nelek Gerthrim. He told her that he only came to brothels because he had trouble meeting women, that he hated living alone. Ila suspected that he was rich and suggested he ask the madam about buying out her contract- she would keep house and keep him company. So he bought out her contract and Ila thought her life would get better. He brought her to Buckley Village- then put a shackle on her ankle and used a long chain to keep her chained to the stove in the kitchen. Ila could go to the bed room but not much else of the cottage, the windows were locked on the outside... Ila became his prisoner.
Later on Ila discovered that this man was not who he claimed to be, or even human. He was actually a merman named Onyi who, along with another merman named Mazi, was keeping the real Nelek prisoner on an island and using Nelek's hair to make a potion to make him look like Nelek. Ila knows this because Onyi took Ila to the island one day to share her with Mazi. As the mermen talked and worked on the potion Ila explored the island and found the real Nelek. Nelek told her about his wife and family and begged Ila to tell someone where he was. Mazi wanted to run some bakery so he and Onyi decided that Mazi would take the potion and go to Buckley Village while Onyi stayed behind. Mazi turned out to be even crueler than Onyi, beating Ila with no provocation.
Ila has not had a chance to tell anyone about the real Nelek. Mazi's nearly constant abuse has worn down on Ila's spirit and she is beginning to give up hope.

Mazi used Ila, while in the guise of Nelek, to make Aislyn think her husband was with another woman to break her heart and make her vulnerable to Tabor. It made Aislyn angry, she struck Mazi (who was captured) and refused Tabor. At first she did not believe Ila when Ila told her that 'Nelek' was Mazi in disguise, though she believed it by the time the potion wore off and Mazi showed his true form.
Ila is afraid of going back to being what she was at the Crimson Dove. She keeps what she was secret, not knowing that many (Difyr, Aalyssa, several knights that guard Mazi) in the keep already know but are too discreet to bring it up. She keeps the red dove tattoo hidden by her sleeve at all times, even when she does the dishes she dos not roll her sleeve above the tattoo. She has made up her mind to throw herself off the highest tower in the keep if it's ever found out she worked in a brothel.
Aislyn has offered to teach her how to be a baker. Ila is eager to learn and works hard.