Lek Gerthrim
Name: Nelek Jr, better known as Lek

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Race: Human

Occupation or Trade: Learning carpentry.

Family: Aislyn and Nelek are his parents. Millicent is his twin sister. Younger sister Kadelyn. Recently lost his younger brother Erich and younger brother Peter in the raid.

Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: A decent though used set of carpentry tools.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: 'Lek is good with his hands, great at building things.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Too sensitive. Not very masculine... Fast to cry.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Violet
Height/Weight: 5'9", 150 pounds.
A few recent sword scars, most noticeable on his arms.

Personality: Eager to lend a helping hand or to fix things. But is prone to showing off and is a braggart.

History: Early on Lek took to building with blocks and as he grew older and stronger he became more serious about carpentry. He saved up some money and bought a set of used tools, fixed everything he could find any flaw with in the bakery, and Lek regularly prowls around his uncle's Inn looking for something to fix.
Lek has been to Portside a few times but he is content to stay in Buckley Village.
Or was, until all hell broke loose in Buckley.

Lek is now squire to Wulfsen.