Wulfsen Thornblade
Name:  Wulfsen Thornblade
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Appearance:  Short black hair, pale green eyes, dimples. Has several scars from skirmishes he fought in in the Army as well as defending the castle. Scruffy. 6’, 170 lbs.

Family: Illegitimate son of the King of Farthington and Maryanna Thornblade. Has a younger brother, Crown Prince Alexander.
History: While not claimed by the King, he has lived in the castle most of his life, growing up alongside his irresponsible and reckless brother, Alexander. As the boys grew older, the King began to regret not claiming Wulfsen as his first born.
When Wulfsen was young, he would follow Shawn Spenser everywhere, even when he came to visit. When Shawn and his wife showed up with a red-headed daughter, Wulfsen was smitten. She was strong and feisty and loved to fight, the kind of woman a man would appreciate having at his side. Three years ago, the Spensers didn’t come for their annual visit. He and his father learned that not only had Shawn been gravely injured, so had Sileas. When they heard the circumstances, both father and son figured out the rest.
Now time has passed and Alexander resents Wulfsen and fears he will try to take the throne.  Wulfsen doesn’t want it but he also knows his brother is far from being reayd to lead. Along with no maidens setting their cap for his eldest son and after many temper tantrums and demands from the prince, the King decides to grant Wulfsen lands and a title in the far corner of the Kingdom, Buckley Village, where the Spensers live. Before Wulfsen departed, the King granted his blessing if Wulfsen ever chose to claim Sileas as his bride.  Wulfsen’s best friend Xavier decided to go along.