Name: Tabor, also likes to be called Posiedon

Sex: Male

Age: 200

Race: Merman

Occupation or Trade: For some reason he is a blacksmith while on land. In the ocean he is king, or at least that's what he tells the girls.

Family: Supposedly they had all been slaughtered by humans.

Marital Status: Married to Aislyn when it is convenient for him.

Possessions/Weapons: Blacksmith tools. Weapons.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Can shift from a merman to a human and back again.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Doesn't always keep his lies straight.

Appearance- Muscular
Hair: Blond, often worn in braids.
Eyes: Blue
Height/Weight: 6'5", 250 pounds

Personality: Charming. Manipulative.

History: Over twenty years ago Tabor came to Buckley Village with two friends to run a blacksmith shop. Tabor wooed the innkeeper's daughter, Aislyn. Tabor showed her that he was a merman and took her swimming. Aislyn quickly fell in love with him, but some of Aislyns friends and family, particularly Liadan, were suspicious of Tabor. Tabor did not want Aislyn talking to others about him or her feelings, he basically wanted to isolate her from her friends and family. Tabor was worried about his people dying out and worked to set up marriages between human women and his merpeople followers in order to produce more merpeople offsrpings- most of his followers were other mermen with very few merwomen. After Aislyn argued with Liadan about moving too fast with Tabor, and with her father about arranging a marriage with a merman with her adopted daughter, she decided to marry Tabor immediately. However even after Tabor married Aislyn he was receiving too much pressure from his wife's best friend's suspicion of him, so he and the rest of the merpeople left Buckley Village before Tabor's marriage to Aislyn could be consummated.
Tabor was sure that after being gone for a few years Aislyn would have been pining and feeling guilty about choosing to be around people who did not accept him and his ways without question and throw herself into his arms. To his suprise he learned that Aislyn had not only taken up with another man, she had bore him children. Though Tabor had been with several women since he left Aislyn he still considers her married to him. Tabor had two of his closest friends kidnap Nelek and impersonate him in order to make Aislyn fall out of love with Nelek. Since the disaster struck Buckley Village and Aislyn lost several of her children, Tabor believes the time is ripe to come back into Aislyn's life.