Juniper Alva Sparks
Name: Juniper Alva Sparks
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Family: A brother and father back home
Current Profession: Mercernary
Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: Juniper likes to wield a massive greatsword and uses her strength to the max. She forgoes a shield in order to swing her blade with the ease and finesse. Her sword is taller than most men and twice as heavy as any other weapon. Junipers armor is a lightweight leather set that fits her frame tightly, maximizing her speed. In times of war Juniper is known to don a heavy suit of steel that trades her quick speed for durability.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Juniper possess great strength and skill with her greatsword as well as formidable hand to hand combat skill. Her superior tracking and hunting ability allows her to net high profile jobs hunting monsters and large game. Unlike most elves Juniper knows no magic and scoffs at the mystical arts.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Juniper is hot headed and causes fights often meaning that she is easily antagonized. If pushed to fight more often than not the attacker will leave beaten and bloody.

Appearance: At about 2.2 meters, Juniper stands on the taller side with long back hair that she pulls into a braid for sake of convenience under a hat or hood. Her pale and smooth skin is like moonlight that seems to give her an unnatural glow and her light blue eyes are mesmerizing.

Personality: Juniper isn't above cracking jokes and flirting with others, even in dire situations and doesn't take many events seriously

History: Junipers father was a royal guard for the king and queen for her homeland and she was trained to work along aside him and her brother Magnian. This didn't play well to her free natured personality and she rebelled. Working in the local hunting village to use her skills to something more than a glorified watch guard. After growing a name for herself she caught a ship to a new land in search for new kills and challenges.

Once her ship landed on the nearest shoreline she was quickly snatched up as a hired hand for the monarchy of Parnassus. With no money or connections Juniper felt as if she had no choice. Her and her crew aided in a rescue mission that went tragically.