Name: Cyan Kedves

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Occupation or Trade (If any): Weaver

Family (If any): Besides the baby she's carrying, probably all killed during the raid.

Marital Status: Recently widowed

Possessions/Weapons: None

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Good with her hands, skilled at weaving and used to help her husband in his cooper shop.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Morning sickness. Exhausted much of the time.

Appearance: Light brown skin. Straight light brown hair. Blue-green eyes. 5'1", 100 pounds. Torn clothing, some bruises and scratches, a bite mark on her shoulder, a nasty looking cut on her neck. Rope burn on her wrists.

Personality: Strong. A survivor. Very loving. A deceptive streak.

Born and raised in Buckley Village. She and Leofwine "Coop" Kedves grew up together in the village and fell in love during their late teens. Cyan married Coop at 18 and they were happy. About a week before the raiders came Cyan found out she was pregnant. She was nervous, but looking forward to having a child. Coop was thrilled, but they decided to not go public about the pregnancy until Cyan was further along, keeping it secret between themselves and Difyr who confirmed Cyan's pregnancy.

Things could not have been going better. But then the raiders came. Cyan and Coop lived right in the middle of town, they were literally right in the middle of the attack. Outside the window they could see their neighbors being murdered or captured. Coop hugged Cyan and told her "Whatever happens save yourself and protect the baby. Even if I get hurt or... Just get yourself to safety." They kissed for the last time, Coop picked up his adze and they tried to flee. Coop fought valiantly, took down three raiders with his hand adze before a raider with a sword cut him down. Cyan did not want to leave him, but she had the babe she was carrying to protect.

Cyan was captured by raiders and was rounded up with other young women of the village. Her hands were bound and they were put in a makeshift pen in the woods. Cyan could hear a woman screaming nearby. A cold-hearted midwife examined Cyan and the other girls, separating the virgins from the other women. Of course Cyan was not a virgin, but at least the midwife did not detect that Cyan was pregnant, was satisfied when Cyan lied and said she had her period just last week. Cyan heard that the virgins were to be chosen by the most important single raiders for brides.

She was informed the she and the other 'whores' were to keep the men happy. Cyan thought leaving Coop was the hardest thing she would ever have to do, she was soon to learn that there were harder things to endure. Cyan's best friend tried to resist when a man came for her, she was punched in the stomach so hard she fell over vomiting, and was kicked mercilessly. Cyan knew her baby would not survive such a beating, so when a man came for her she pleaded with them to not hurt her and submitted.

Cyan has been surviving this way ever since she was taken from Buckley Village, and it has earned the disgust of several fellow captives. Cyan is still keeping her pregnancy secret because she is afraid of what the raiders will do if they find out, so she has not even confided in them. Her submissive behavior had gotten her more food than the other captive, and information. They had stayed in the woods outside the village for a few days, but then were put on march. The raiders had planned to take all the women to Boville, the town they came from, even the women they called whores they planned to put in a brothel recently built in the town. But they were traveling much slower than the raiders had anticipated, they failed to take into account the fact that the women would drag their heels, they just assumed they would follow where led. So the men have been thinking about killing all the women except for the ones to be brides.