Name: Helen Wordsworth

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Race: Human

Occupation or Trade (If any): Potion-making and wizardry

Family (If any): Her niece named Elizabeth

Appearance: Standing at 5' 9", Helen has long, wavy brown hair and olive toned skin with deep golden-brown eyes. She is wearing a simple blue dress with a white skirt apron.

Personality: Calm, serious and level-headed, Helen knows how to keep her cool in a tight situation. She doesn't express her feelings very much, and she usually keeps to herself.

Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: Small wizard's scepter, leather bag which holds potions, scepter and recipes, her niece

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Can make potions than can preform basic magic, such as growing things, making them come alive, making things appear, basic stuff like that. She uses her wizard's scepter to put the magic into each potion she makes. She also has the ability to create potion recipes in her head.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her powers are useless outside of potion-making, and she can't always make them, for each potion requires very specific ingredients, some of which are in very limited supply. She also is not very physically strong, although she is currently working on a potion to fix that.

History: Helen grew up with her parents and older sister Becca in Buckley Village. She was schooled at home by her mother with the basic skills of life, then she and her sister were each placed in an apprenticeship related to their various interests. Helen had become interested in wizardry, while her sister became fascinated with the art of manuscripts. Each girl set up a life for herself, with Becca marrying a young gentleman named Douglas and having a young girl named Elizabeth. Helen loved Elizabeth dearly, and decided that she wanted a family of her own as well.

Unfortunately, Helen's happiness did not last. One day, as Helen was collecting various recipes from her workshop to transfer them to a new location, the warning cry came up of a raiding party entering the village. Helen quickly grabbed her bag, which held the recipes, her bottles, and her scepter, and she raced out the door towards her family's home. When she got there, though, it was engulfed in flames with her parents lying dead outside and her sister's family nowhere in sight. Helen desperately searched for them throughout the city, but was captured by an armed warrior when she crossed his path. She saw Douglas struck down by another warrior as she was taken away, and he fell to the ground, never to get up again.

Helen was taken with many other young women and placed in a pen in the woods. She found her sister and niece on the other side of the pen, and stayed with them through the night. Unfortunately, Becca had been injured severely, and she died early the next morning.

Now Helen was left with no family save her little niece, who was only 4 years old. She did her best to comfort the little one, giving her the little food she had. Over the next few days, several people came by, separating the virgins from the rest of the women. She was always skipped, though, and she could never figure out why. Finally, the last of the virgins were taken and moved to another place. No one ever saw any of those women again.

Over the next few weeks, various men from the raiding party came to select their "brides". She was never selected though. Most men didn't want to have to care for a child as well as a wife, so she was often overlooked. Helen decided to take advantage of the time given to her to figure out a way to escape this miserable existence, before a man finally selected her and her virginity was taken.

One night, she finally put her plan in action. She sneaked over to the far corner of the pen with the sleeping Elizabeth on her back. She tested the ropes binding the corner and found them to be weak. She produced from her bag, which had not been taken, a knife which she used to slice the ropes. She separated the beams to form a gap just large enough for her and Elizabeth to squeeze through. She slipped out and took off for the woods.

Only a few minutes after she had made her escape, the gap was noticed and the alert sounded up. Helen took refuge in a hollow tree nestled deep in the forest and hid through the night there. Several searchers came near to finding her, but they never discovered her hiding place.

Now, she is on the run. With Elizabeth at her side, she is sneaking through the forest, trying to find a place of refuge, with the searchers hot on her tail all the time. Never resting, never stopping, Helen is determined to find safety for her and Elizabeth...