Oscar the Knife
Name: Oscar
Aliases: Oscar the Knife, Pickpocket Oscar, Pancake Oscar

Sex: Male

Age: 10

Occupation or Trade (If any): Thief, pickpocket, cutpurse

Family (If any): Father unknown. Mother is alive but turned Oscar out.

Marital Status: Single... He's 10

Possessions/Weapons: A knife. Lots of stolen items small enough for him to carry or put in his pockets like coins.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Skilled pickpocket.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Not as strong as he thinks he is. Illiterate.

Appearance (Hair, eyes, weight/height, etc): Brown hair, green eyes, 4'4", 57 lbs. A large scar on his nose. A few stripes on his back. Other minor scars from fights and the occasional beating.

Personality: Bold. Always hungry. A compulsive thief.

Oscar never knew his father, and it's very likely his mother did not know who his father was. He lived with his mother in a small hovel that was so miserable even rats didn't bother with it. His earliest memories were of going begging for food with his mother, sometimes stealing.

When Oscar was around five his mother met a man named Mike who moved into the hovel with them. Mike brought food, so at first it was good. But soon it became apparent that Mike did not like children. With little to no provocation he would beat Oscar. His mother did nothing to stop it, even when Oscar was left with a large cut covering most of his nose.  When Mike told Oscar's mother "It's either the brat or me." Oscar was not surprised to be made to leave.

He survived by becoming a better thief. Stealing has become more than a means of survival for Oscar, it's an impulse.