Name: Bai "Flame" Lowell

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Occupation or Trade (If any): Hedge wizard, part time carpenter

Family (If any): Mostly died off in the past couple decades.

Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: Hunting knife. Sling and pouch of river rocks. Walking stick. Books.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Grew up studying magic. He is hardly a master magician but he knows quite a few spells, mostly practical but some defensive.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His height. Besides difficulty in reaching things he is constantly mistaken for someone much younger, even a child. It is incredibly frustrating.

Appearance (Hair, eyes, weight/height, etc): Mostly black hair but a bright red lock towards the back of his scalp, giving him the "Flame" nickname. Narrow green eyes.
4'9", 97 pounds

Personality: Usually peaceable but will fight when against a wall or if someone else needs to be protected. Very curious and always looking to learn something new, even at the risk of his own life. Something of a health nut when it comes to food and exercise.

History: Bai was born to a family of magic users so he grew up learning magic. Unfortunately people in his family do not seem to have very long lifespans and a habit of dying from unnatural causes before their hair can start turning gray. His own parents both died a few years ago, leaving him orphaned.
He had a distant cousin who was murdered some time before he was born. Because Bai had never met this cousin and only heard a few stories about him he would not have been effected by the man... But his cousin owned some family heirlooms, magical objects, that recently have been disturbed. These magical objects are weapons and can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so Bai has gone to find out who has them and plans to confiscate them, destroying them if possible.

Anything else?: Bai thinks a healthy lifestyle spent pursuing knowledge would give him a longer life than of the rest of his family. He eats right, walks everywhere, and does his best to avoid conflict. He does not hide that he can do magic, but he does not announce it to the world either. He tries to make a living in carpentry... But too often he can find a much easier magical solution to people's problems.