Name: Luka

Sex: Male.

Age: Looks about 21 , actual age of 240

Occupation or Trade (If any): Healer mostly.

Family (If any): A brother and a Sister hes searching for.

Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: His fathers ring and his mothers necklace. A blade made of Black Glass and a wooden staff with a red orb in the roots at the top and a long blade on the bottom.

Strengths/Skills/Powers: Decent fighter using his knife or his staff. He has access to a fair amount of magic chools. Elemental, Healing and Force. He even has knowledge of darker branches of Necromancy and Blood Magic. He is loyal, kind and gentle.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Hes a complete pacifist. He wont fight often and only if someone has hurt someone he cares for a great deal.

Appearance (Hair, eyes, weight/height, etc): Luka is about 6 foot 6 with a muscular but lithe build. He has white hair on top of his head but the sides and back are shaved. His hair is always pleated. His face is undeniably young, eternal innocence and youth radiating from it but hs tattoos cover most of it. The tattoo of a tree starts with the roots at his chin, trunk working up his nose bridge and the branches spanning his forehead and around his head, down his neck and onto his back. Vine and plantlike tattoos can also be seen down his arms and hands. His eyes are a deep green and he always bears a smile. He wears loost clothing in very neutral colours, usually with a hood to hide his ears but occasionally will wear leather vambraces and greaves.

Personality: Luka is a smiley and helpful individual. He is a loyal friend and a brave defender but will always seek peace before battle. Thats not to say he wont fight. If you hurt someone he cares strongly about, he'll turn you inside out.

History: (Please be thorough on this section, it counts as a writing sample)

Luka was born to a loving family. His peoples homeland was situated deep in a wild forest so he never had much and didn't want for much. When his abilities surfaced, as with all children who showed the capability of magic, he was celebrated. However, after the celebration, he was taken to receive his tattoos, choose his path and begin his journey into magic.

Returning to his home after 50 years of education beneath his master was strange. He was now a young man among his people and had seen many amazing things among their world.His powers had escalated to an amazing amount and he was known as one of the gentles healers among Elven kind, respected by many. He had been wit his parents for merely one night before the humans arrived

Raiders weren't uncommon among their dwellings but they were never this numerous. Luka awoke during the night to find his parents battling already. His brother and sister missing, he attempted to aid his parents but was too fearful to use any magic that would cause harm. His pacifism was his own downfall and ultimately his mother and father fell. His healing just wasn't enough for them. His siblings missing, his parents dead, his people gone, his home desecrated, something snapped at his core.

He walked to the center of the forested city to see the bandits counting their share of the spoils. Their leader spotted him and sneered. "Look lads, we missed one of the pointy eared cunts..." The words had no effect. Luka glared at the man and began to mutter in their ancient Elven language. He drew his fathers glass knife and drew it across his palm but no blood wept from his hand. Instead it misted out spreading to cover the area the men were camped in. As they laughed at his pathetic display they breathed it in and that's when Luka struck. He clenched his fist drawing his blood deeper inside them, merging it with his and then boiling the blood to searing temperatures, like liquid fire inside them. He pushed the blood out of their bodies through every orifice available and watched the bandits drop to the ground, seeping his ancestral land with their blood.

He found his masters dead body and took his staff, a powerful relic whose secrets he would have to work for a long time to unravel and learn. He set off on his journey to find his siblings and bring them back to their home.....wherever that would be. His journey has lasted almost a century and at last he has found a place he could rest for a while. Perhaps these people will be in need of a healer. Perhaps they will know what to do to aid him...

"Well now, let's see what the next step shows..."

Anything else?: Has no prejudice against humans but is wary of them and obviously guarded.