Name: Xochilt - usually goes by Xo or Zoe

Sex: Female

Age: About 35

Race: Human

Occupation or Trade: Former Waitress, briefly a thief and spy for the Black Hand, former tavern wench

Family: None

Marital Status: Single

Possessions/Weapons: None

Strengths/Skills/Powers: She is bright and observant. She was a good waitress too.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Low self esteem, bouts of depression, bitter
Hair: Brown
Eyes: black
Height/Weight: 5'4", 100 pounds.
A pretty girl despite all she has been through. Her eyes have a hardness to them.
On her side she has a brand that is a pattern like a # with a circle around it.

Personality: She once was a friendly sweet girl, but what she has gone through has hardened her. She tries to be tough, cold and uncaring to hide how much she is hurting inside.

History: After her parents died, Xo got a job as a waitress at the Black Raven Tavern. Several customers and even the owner himself had harassed Xo but she had been able to keep them at bay. When a woman, Galina, took over the Black Raven Xo thought things were going to get better- instead they got worse and Xo wound up a prostitute. One night Xo suffered a brutal attack from three men- the men serving Galina and her demons. Xo was left for dead and taken in by Difyr and Ertzel where she was nursed back to health.
Xo has recovered physically but the abuse from not just those three men but the other men at the Black Raven scarred her emotionally. She had tried helping the Buckleys growing families but she could not take it and left Buckley Village.
Dreams compelled Xo to return to Buckley Village. Before she could reach the village she was abducted by Galina's men who imprisoned her in catacombs. For weeks Xo was abused by Galina's men and witnessed men and women being tortured to death. She was saved by the Buckleys.
After recovering from her ordeal Xo chose to stay in Buckley Village and became close to Wynn Mynwyr, the only drunk to frequent the Black Raven who treated her like a human being.
Xo was captured by the raiders who destroyed the village. She did what she could to protect the other woman who were taken captive, but received little thanks for what she did.
Xo and the other captives have been rescued from the raiders. Xo has recovered physically from the hardships but she is having a hard time not being bitter about her life.