Vezna du Luuc
Vezna du Luuc, Exarch of Akrosa

Age: Appears to be in her late twenties

Appearance: Vezna is a tall and slender woman, with pale, almost ethereal skin. She has dark, flowing curly hair, entwined with little bits of bone, feathers and other little trophies and trinkets. She dresses in the fashions of Elewith, one of the founding kingdoms of the Triarchy: dark velvet and silken outfits, trimmed with fur, and preferring fine trousers and boots instead of dresses. Her eyes shift color, without apparent cause or reason. Tattoos of vine-like shapes adorn her wrists and lower neck, along with ancient runic symbols.

History: Vezna du Luuc is a name that inspires awe, terror and whispered rumors, depending on where it is spoken. It is a name as old as the Triarchy itself: the name first appears in the historical narrative as the name of a witch who supported the first Triarchs. The name has popped up again and again throughout history, beyond the lifespan of a normal woman. The accounts are sparse and contradictory, but it seems that she (or a succession of women using that name) has always been a faithful servant of the Triarchy. Most of the gossips agree that she is a witch or a ritualist of some kind, but one who acts with the authority of the Triarchs themselves, and she carries the title of an Exarch: an independent political official, who serves as the will of the Triarchs, and acts as a commander, judge and adviser.