Age: 25

Appearance: Zalome's hair is blond and long, reaching down to her waist, and her eyes are light green with darker flecks. She is a little shorter than average, just over five feet, and despite her status she is well-fed and nowhere near too skinny. She dresses as do most slaves or indentured workers: conservatively, in coarse, simple fabrics that are nonetheless clean.

History: Zalome is the daughter of a small farmer working a parcel of the royal lands in Lothayn. Her family was indentured to the crown with ten more years on their contract, but poor yields and illness caused them to fall behind with their production, and fifty years were added as punishment. As with most indentured workers, the contract would continue to increase indefinitely, and the penalty for fleeing was death.

The life was not all bad. It was hard work for all of them, even Zalome and her younger siblings from a very early age. But they did not go hungry and as the eldest Zalome learned to read and write so she could help her parents keep track of the agricultural yields and maintain proper records for the crown.

At age twelve, her knack for calming animals was witnessed by the king's inspector, whose horse had hurt its leg and was lashing out, refusing to let anyone near. Within a minute, she had approached the creature and somehow made it docile. The expensive mount's leg was quickly tended to and the inspector left a happy man. He had even paid her a few coins for her services. A few months later, they had been summoned to the capital for an audience with the king himself, after which point Zalome had never lived fully at home again.