Tancred Resparos
Tancred Resparos, Lord-Captain of Reltora, Exarch of Akrosa and Captain of the Misadventure

Age: 45

Appearance: Like many sea-faring Reltorans, Tancred is tall and well-built, and has chiseled features upon a rough face, with short dark hair and a thin beard that is flecked with grey. He wears fine clothes, embroidered with depictions of waves, storms, sea monsters and dragons, but the clothes are well-suited for the rough, bloody work of the sea. He eschews armor, due to his place aboard ship, and bears a fine Avanaadi saber and a set of prototype matchlock pistols on his hips.

History: Tancred was born to the famed Resparos family, an esteemed clan of pirates and raiders of Reltora. A distant cousin is Teja Resparos, his mentor and one of the current ruling Triarchs. The nobility of Reltora, however, does not coddle its youth, so Tancred was forced to find employment as a powder boy aboard a Reltoran merchant vessel. He served aboard the ship for several years, before eventually saving up enough money to purchase a small sloop. Soon after, he joined a large band of other sloop-captains who joined up to pillage the trade lanes of Ethuria and Keldrimor. During one raid, he captured a ship of the Ikenik Knights that was en route to an island fortress of theirs, with a huge amount of wealth in its hold. With the wealth won from the raid, he purchased a seat on the ruling council of Lord-Captains of Reltora, and refitted the captured holy vessel, christening it the Misadventure.

Since then, he has sailed as a privateer for Akrosa, raiding unauthorized shipping lanes, smuggling routes and the trade routes of enemy nations.

During the most recent war, he led a small flotilla of ships in several battles against the navies of the free kingdoms, the most notable of which was the sacking and burning of Lothayn's prized shipyards. He was among the commanders of the armada that delivered Triarchy troops to Ethuria to besiege the nation's capital, and when the siege collapsed he was able to evacuate most of the surviving Triarchy soldiers.

For his service during the war, Tancred was appointed as an Exarch, to replace one of the many slain during the war. Since his appointment, he has aided Triarch Teja in rebuilding and upgrading the fleets of the Triarchy.