Gwyneira Silvarys
Princess and Duchess of Ystrad

Age: 32

Appearance: Gwyneira has black hair and pale skin, and her eyes are a warm hue of brown. She is a little taller than is considered attractive for a woman, but makes for that by dressing in fine garments that show off her slender figure.

History: Gwyneira is the second and youngest of two siblings of the current King Caerwyn Silvarys of Ystrad. Tradition dictates that all members of the immediate royal family, male and female, keep the ruling name, and thus she did not take her husband Iwam's surname, and her two children Idris and Eirwen also hold the royal name.

Although the youngest in the family, she is reputedly the cleverest and has been long been a friend and advisor to her brother, as well as an envoy to other nations. Besides her diplomatic skills, she is a trained historian who advocates for the conservation of ancient sites, and she also has an interest in marine life.

King Caerwyn Silvarys - brother, age 37
Iwam Maeron - husband, age 51
Idris Silvarys - son, age 12
Eirwen Silvarys - daughter, age 9