Queen of Yeryn

As with every queen in the past, Yizari adopted that name as her own, even undergoing a ceremony to purge her former name from her memory. That was the name of a great black ice dragon who, aeons ago, had chosen to forsake the warring, conceited life of the dragons and had decided to become a human. She had founded Yeryn, and some legends claim that she had helped to establish Avanaad as well. She had been Isgaam's lover, and thus some beleive that the queens descend from his line as well, while others insist that Yizari's mortal husband was the father of their people.

The selection process for the next Yizari is a closely guarded process. Eligible heirs are picked out in their youth and once the current queen dies there is some way of choosing a successor that the council of advisors presides over, but has no real say in. The current Yizari rose to the throne four years ago, after the death of her aunt. Her aunt had two daughters and she herself had a sister and several cousins who were eligible at the time. After the selection, the rejected young women were then quickly married off, as one aspect of being Yizari-in-waiting is that one is not to wed. And one aspect of becoming Yizari is that the first five years of rule are devoted to her people, after which point it is her own duty to wed and bear children.

Like many Yizari, she is particularly tall and has black hair with a very slight purple tint to it. Her eyes are the exact same shade, quite large and intense. While her resting mien typically appears quite serious and can be off-putting, she is actually quite polite to those she meets and is not without a sense of humour. But she has little patience for fools or dishonestly.