Jaromir du Malek
Exarch of Akrosa, Grandmaster of the Malekin Order

Jaromir was born into the ranks of minor Tavadian nobility. He lived the life of a noble scoundrel, gambling and whoring throughout his late teens and early twenties. He lost several titles and much of his land due to his bad habits, and to escape his debts, he joined a knightly order.

With a newfound sense of purpose and belonging, the former nobleman thrived, and rose through the ranks of the Malekin Order. He commanded the armies that bloodlessly put down a revolt in Sathen, and intervened to stop a civil war in Avanaad, several years before the Triarchy's large invasion of the Free Kingdoms.

During the war, he and his knights fought alongside the warriors of Avanaad, establishing a friendly rivalry with the dragonblooded soldiers.

Since the war, he has focused on rebuilding his order and maintaining peace, and has recently allied himself with Vezna du Luuc, for reasons unknown.