Thadelonius Silvantari
Thadelonius is a typical wood elf, but built heavier and more powerful. His face framed by long red hair and piercing green eyes. He is usually seen in loose but affluent looking linen trousers and a cotton shirt. A heavy satchel hangs on his right hip and a sword is buckled on his left side.

His father settled in a common village as a young elf long ago in the reckoning of man. He had been a skilled warrior and guardian of the countryside and people there.

Thadelonius grew up in relative comfort; his father had many friends in the village and many travelling elves would visit. Although youthful Thadelonius has witnessed many changes in the lives of the humans he resides with. Being so close to humans and their short lives has led him to celebrate the joy and happiness that they can bring rather than burden himself with the sorrow of his neighbors passage through life. Thadelonius throws himself into revelry and companionship with abandon, often dancing and singing.

When tales of the giants in the north causing mayhem, Thadelonius buckled on his sword-belt and readied himself.