Gnorris Giantkiller
Gnorris was about a foot shorter than a dwarf. His hair was blonde, as was his beard. His blonde mustache was in a handlebar shape and his beard long and flowing reaching nearly to his belt with it's length. His eyes were blue like the deepest blue of the sky. His arms were well formed and obviously used to physical labor but they were also lithe and bespoke of nimbleness. His nose was ruddy as one would expect from a gnome.

Gnorris on a regular day sported a pair of brown britches with a blue shirt. A pair of beige colored boots covered his feet, and on his belt could be seen his shortsword and dagger. On his back you could see a quiver and a backpack just under his blue cloak. Those looking closely might catch the glint of something silver underneath his shirt, and a ring on either hand. He wore a red pointed hat, with a steel cap beneath it to protect his skull.