Height - 6' 0"
Weight - 120#
Hair - Silver
Eyes - Amber
Age - 112 years old

Tall and lean, Nicodemus presents a striking image.  His silver hair and amber eyes are not unknown among the elves, but they are not common.  Mystical tattoos decorate the right side of his face and his chest.  He wears a number of pieces of jewelry, much of it enchanted to empower his magic.  On his left hand there is a silver ring, made of threads of mithral, braided together.  On his right, a fine latticework of gold and mithral that covers most of the length of his ring finger, with a joint in the middle to allow movement.  A pendant, made of mithral silver hangs around his neck, on one side there is an eight pointed star, on the other is a hexagram with an eye balanced on a pedestal.  Nicodemus often holds it in his hand and looks at it.  It is at those times that a rare smile can sometimes cross his face.  His clothes are high quality, the sort of clothes a wealthy, elven merchant would wear when traveling across savage lands.  The clothes are black and white with leather reinforcements and silver highlights.

He is an intellectual.  His mind and his magic are his weapons.  He is an extremely powerful wizard and it makes him a bit lofty, even for an elf, and Nicodemus can even come off as cold.  He also has a very dry sense of humor that sometimes misses the mark.