Azazel Vos Drago

A large humanoid, by the looks of him, in fine, dark armor. He stands almost as tall as a half-orc, though the black embossed mask hides the face underneath the dusk colored helm.

Over his armor he wears a fine cloak and tabard, emblazoned with dueling dragons in red, that contrast with the dull black of the armor, which is also highly embossed in more detail, with dueling dragons on each arm. The cloak and tabard are worn loosely, and might be considered a hindrance to a fighting man, but he seems to wear it naturally.

He does wear a signet ring on one finger,  and a red belt with many pouches and a dragon's head buckle, that seems to be almost a part of the armor he wears.

His only weapon is an ornately decorated hilt of a finely crafted, curved blade sword that looks as if it would be wielded with two hands. There too, you can see the dueling dragons around the hilt, while the handle might appear to be fit perfectly for his two hands.