This individual seems more unremarkable than most, or not. He's more handsome than others, or she's more beautiful than others, or they're the most horrifyingly ugly person you've ever seen. Its height and weight vary greatly, its clothing and armament changes and shifts with the moods of the mind behind the mask.

If the rumors hold true, this masked individual is the former playwright and mayor/ruler/most members of the high council of the now-destroyed city of Haven, Rosetti Khalid. Rosetti is known to have legendary charisma, highly gifted in the departments of looks and sociability, and up-to-speed on the latest fashions, wherever he might be in the world.

One thing is certain though, the man was notoriously reclusive. Even the rumors of his looks have ties to conspiratorial theories that the man everyone knows as Rosetti is actually someone Rosetti has paid to impersonate him. Aside from his wife, Navarra, popularly known as the Queen of Roses, and child, Praetus, who holds an obfusicated identity as well, few can tell accurate stories about the man's specific countenance.