Elise could easily be mistaken for a slender human female, if not for the delicate point of her ears. A silver circlet holds an amber gem to the center of her forehead; it also serves to restrain the blaze of fire-red curls into a chaotic, cascading tumble down her back, instead of in front of her eyes. Eyes of emerald eyes sparkle out of a mischievous face, unlined by any worry or concern.

She wears a loose long-sleeve robe of sky-blue silk. A chaotic pattern of cherry blossoms are embroidered in pink and white all over its surface; as Elise moves the blossoms appear to shift and dance -- almost as if the delicate petals were floating in a non-existent wind. A wide flat belt of navy blue silk is tied snugly around her waist; it not only serves to hold the robe carefully closed, but also supports the small pouch of black leather that hugs just above her left hip. A long scarf of delicate white silk hangs in loops over her left shoulder, forming cheerful clouds against the bright blue of her robe. Around her neck hangs a delicate silver chain; although it mostly hides in the folds at the neck of the robe, one can occasionally catch a glimpse of the heart-shaped platinum pendant dangling from the chain.

Her hands are lovingly encased by deerskin gloves; a silver wire bracelet, fashioned to resemble a ring of twisted vine, dangles from her right wrist. The robe descends to just above her bare ankles; below that, she wears a comfortable pair of slippers made with navy blue silk and black leather soles. A plain cloak of rough wool protects her from the elements; she carries an old leather backpack that has obviously seen better days.