Lizardfolk Name: Ka'talaka'ta ['strange stone from the sea' in Draconic] the TideCrawler, The Saphire Savior of the Weitutu Atoll
Birth Name: Iryani SwiftCurrent
Sex: Female
Age: 87
Height: 5ft4
Weight: 149lbs
Eyes: bright, lipid blue
Skin: pale kelp green
Hair: iridescent turqoise blue

Physical Description

Ka'talaka'ta is of average height with a sturdy and compact frame. Her naturally healthy figure has been hardened and toned by a childhood living in the savage lands of the Weitutu jungles and keeping up with her lizardfolk peers. A lifetime of adventuring has left her curvaceous but athletic.

Colourful, as many undine are, Ka'talaka'ta has pale lavender skin freckled and dotted with flecks of pink and turquoise along the outsides of her limbs, up her sides, her neck, her shoulders and her face. Her vibrant turquoise hair is typically tied back in a low braid at the base of her neck to keep it out of her way when running and swimming. Webbed of hand and foot, the undine prefers to go without boots and favors gloves that leave her fingers free. Her limpid blue eyes and bright colours give her a certain chaotic and playful air. Ka'talaka'ta is like lightning in a bottle and her body language communicates this; she is energetic, positive and confident. She smiles often.


Like most undine, Ka'talaka'ta feels fiercely and acts tempestuously, but never without reason. Not unlike the ocean, her moods, though quick to change, and powerful, are always the result of external inputs, reactions rather than actions, and she can go from furious to friendly in the span of minutes without bleeding either emotion into the other. Ka'tala is motivated primarily by curiosity, then by a sense of independence, and then by kindness and duty. She believes that every being has the right to express who and what they are not just in word and deed, but in fashion and in form. The colourful undine values a person's rights to those things over the content or substance of them, unconcerned with who or what someone chooses to be so long as they do not prevent others from doing the same.

Ka'talaka'ta believes society requires structure but only so far as that structure serves to promote its freedom. After all, every formula is but a recipe to reach a desired effect. That formula's value is only in its ability to provide a result and when the result fails to address the alchemists desire, the formula must be abandoned or reworked. The only way to improve is through experimentation and by extension the only way to grow as an individual is through the freedom and the will to try.

Inter-personally, she is a loyal friend and a stalwart ally. She can be something of a possessive friend and often craves more attention from those she settles upon as companions than they are willing to give. Ka'talaka'ta does not understand how people can be so disinterested in so many interesting things. She does not warm immediately but like the cold morning sea, once warmed by the sun, she proves refreshing and a boatload of fun. Ka'talaka'ta is always on, and sometimes must be reminded to slow down and rest. While she works hard, she plays just as hard and can often grow distracted by entertainment and new experiences.