The first thing one will notice when looking at Anora is the fact that she seems asymmetrical. Her left side seems smaller or weaker than her right. Upon closer inspection, one can see why: Half of her body was burned. It has healed well, but there are plenty of scars and the damage is obvious. Her once beautiful face is now ruined by the burns, and she is lucky that her eye was not damaged, but her left lip does not move much, which gives her a slight speech disability, and her left ear is completely gone (but she can still hear out of it). She has trained enough so that her left arm and leg does not hinder her, but she still prefers to use her right side. When she walks, one can see the very slight limp. Her dark blue eyes do not have the same amount of cheer that they used to, and her white hair has only been growing back well for about a year. It is long enough to be put into a small ponytail, which she does. She always has a hood over her head to try and cover the burns. She also usually has cloth wrapped around her mouth and chin to cover her limp lips.

Korvas has white and tan fur that was once very beautiful. Now, however, it has patches where no fur grows, and may never grow again. Her bright blue eyes show a fierceness that no other animal can match, yet also holds kindness when around trusted allies. She has never howled nor barked. Just wuffed. The leather armor strapped to her body seem to be merged with her skin instead of just strapped to it, and she moves very naturally with it on.

As with any other cavalier, Anora has a banner symbolizing her allegiance to her order. The bottom of the banner is burned from the dragonís breath and the wood is burned, bent and scratched from the environment and fights. Yet, like Anora, it still stands tall. When Anora is unmounted, it is in a holding tube made specifically to hold it on her back. When she is mounted, she transfers the banner to a ring on Korvasís side for the same purpose.

Anora is a very serious individual. She no longer jokes and will only snort at jokes made by others (if she makes any reaction at all). Part of this is because she can never get the events of the dragon attack out of her head. She always wonders what would have happened if she could have changed it. But she always comes to the conclusion of finding and killing the red dragon that did her harm and destroyed her home and friends. She will never trust any red dragon again, and she would be hard pressed to trust any dragon ever. Yet, because of her order training, she will always trust any she calls an Ďallyí and will try to protect them to the end. Her order of protection, from priority to last resort is: Allies -> Korvas -> Innocents -> Herself.

Korvas, on the other hand, is a friendly being, despite her tragic past. If anything, she is stuck with a pupís mind as she still acts a lot like a pup. Except in combat, especially with a dragon. Then, her playful mood turns into a ferocious mood. She does not hold back and does not give mercy unless Anora tells her to.