Lexmechanic Agnitio
Lexmechanic Agnitio was one of the Tech-Priests who tended to the massive data repositories and central cogitators of Assembly Zero-One-Zero on Cerix Magnus. Compiling, analyzing, and entering vast streams of data on innumerable subjects, Agnitio pursued the Quest for Knowledge with an impassioned zeal, learning, correlating, evaluating--battlefield reports, planetary economic data, profiles of important functionaries of the Imperium, technical specifications, historical records of the Askellion Sector with clear signs of tampering. He inloaded it all. His service in the Omnissiah's name gave him a deep understanding of broad range of subjects as well as reaffirmed the irrefutable truth of the Seventh Lore: Comprehension is the Key to All Things.

Agnitio began to see patterns emerge in the data, seemingly unrelated events on one world had profound effects on another. These events were not mere happenstance, however. No, certainly not. But when he compiled and exloaded a report for the Logis Seniorus, his findings were dismissed.

Agnitio watched over long days, weeks, months, as the disparate bits of data poured in. Gossamer strings of shadow, represented in binary, woven together to into an almost imperceptible hand that  moved organizations, worlds, like pieces on a Regicide board. To what end? He needed to collect more data. His search became more persistent.  He began to inload at a dangerous pace, analyzing, codifying, inputting, but keeping the occasional unnoticed fragments, small forbidden engrams gleaned from secure data spools. Secrets, some hidden with intent, others merely scattered as a thousand broken fragments of some great shattered optic lens. He delved into Forbidden Knowledge. Soon he would have the knowledge needed to solve this cypher. He would be vindicated and the hidden truth laid to bare. It was becoming clear...a conspiracy to...

Agnitio's prying came to the attention of the Logis Seniorus. He, a lowly Lexmechanic, had accessed sacred knowledge without the proper authority or rituals. To break with Ritual is to break with Faith. Heresy. His cranial implants would be stripped. His intelligence cores purged. His engrams purposefully corrupted. An unimaginable fate. A certain fate. Until the Inquisitor Falstich stepped from the shadows...

It had been the Inquisitor's carefully hidden machinations that Agnitio had discovered. Cloaked in deep shadows rivaled only by the treacherous plots of the Heretic. If Agnitio had been able to discern the movements of the Inquisition, perhaps he could discern the movements of the Enemy as well. He would be spared, the Inquisitor told him. His cranial implants left intact. His intelligence cores unaltered. His engrams uncorrupted. Provided, that he used his skills and insight for the Inquistion. This was no choice for Agnitio, for he realized that beyond salvation, the Inquisitor offered him what he wanted most. Knowledge.

Agnitio is a slender being dressed in red cog-embroidered robes and showing signs of extensive modification. One of his eyes is a red-lensed optic, his mouth is covered by a mechanical grill, his left arm below the elbow has been replaced entirely, his hairless head is covered in cranial implants, and he gives off a faint metallic scent. His lone mechadendrite moves back and forth as though it is an agitated serpent looking for source of it's anxiety.

Agnitio collects data at an astonishing rate. His dataslate never seems to rest whether informed by his rapidly moving scribe-tines or a data-dendrite from beneath his robes. His voice is a grating mechanical monotone that betrays nothing of his underlying emotional state, which most outside the Adeptus Mechanicus find unnerving.