Joghel Vesalius
Echonis Augury, an ancient void station turned trade post sees countless Rogue Traders and Imperial merchants come and go. The maintenance and expansion of Echonis Augury is left up to the many families and residents who reside on the once abandoned station. Joghel found himself among this population, accustomed to hard labor at a young age. Night and day he and his father would work on the ports. Some days work was in short supply, and Joghel would often sit staring at the ships, or reading trade manifests just to pass the time until he would have something to do.

One day, while staring out at nothing in particular he had a feeling in his gut. A voice told him to walk, and so he walked. His legs carried him to a foreman, who quickly told him to get to work. It started at first as a hunch, or a whisper in his ear. Eventually he saw visions of laborers toiling endlessly, of crates being loaded on and off the ships. As Joghel came to understand his visions, he also understood it meant one day the Black Ships would come for him. He had heard what happens to people with these gifts. Psykers that emerge from Scholastica Psykana have no family. They only live for the Imperium.

For years Joghel would use his gifts to foresee the Black Ships, and for years he avoided them. Every morning he would gaze into the unknown, constantly vigilant for his would-be captors. But the Black Ships don't take kindly to a nuisance, and one day when Joghel showed up for work he simply found a message waiting for him. He was to turn himself in, or else his family would pay the price for his cowardice with their blood. Joghel, reluctant to forfeit his life, gave in and left his home in the company of strangers hoping that one day he might see his family again.

Joghel's time at the Scholastica Psykana was uneventful, as uneventful as it could be given the life-threatening rigor of his stay.  He excelled at controlling his gifts, and as his studies came to an end he was glad that he finally understood what made him so different. For once he knew what his abilities were, and that he truly knew who he was meant to be.

As his last day came to an end, his fellow sancionites shuffled out of the room, finally to begin their service for the Imperium. Suddenly, the lights cut out, all but the one overhead. From the darkness a pair of eyes came advancing towards him. They weren't hostile, but simply contained the threatening presence of a wild animal stalking its prey. The man spoke, but all Joghel felt was fear. He was given an opportunity to aid the Inquisition, but he knew what perils came with that offer.

"Why me?" Joghel squeaked meekly.

"You avoided the Black Ships for years. Someone who lasted that long might prove useful at finding what the Imperium cannot. "

Hesitantly, he asked the visitor, "Do I really have a choice?"

A flat tone answered, "Your powers can tell you what happens should you refuse."

Paralyzed in fear, and without much choice, Joghel resigned to join the Inquisition, now more unsure than ever before of what his future held in store.