Doric Salvus
The Imperium is a vast, bloated, tyrannical dogmatic empire that holds sway over countless trillions of lives all over the war-torn galaxy. But there are dark corners of space in which those that chafe under the yoke of the nightmarish bureaucracy can scrape out a living, yet still be loyal to the Emperor of Mankind. Frontier worlds are where hearty men and woman pursue their own dreams without interference from on high, but have to make due with less table scraps from their Imperial masters. Port Aquila is just such a place in the Askellon Sector. A large merchant port under the control of Greater Askellon Trade Combine, it a place of where fortune can be earned by people of wit and ability.

Doric Salvus is one such person.

Born the child of idealistic frontier miners on Marnine, Doric grew up with the barest of necessities to keep him alive, never able to enjoy the luxuries of the merchants that sometimes visited his world. Determined not to waste his life in mindless toil like his parents, Doric joined up with the local Defense Force for a few years before being seconded to the Arbites for exceptional service and reassigned to the lone Precinct of Port Aquila. While he was accepted and trained to be a Patrol Arbitrator, Doric found the mindless devotion to even anachronistic portions of Imperial Law to be insufferable. He felt his fellow Arbites inability to look beyond the letter of the Law, and make individualized decisions based on the merits and facts of the case to be a mockery of justice. In five Standard Years time he had burned through his patience and withdrew from the Adeptus Arbites.

Still, being a young man with no higher education, no connection to the great merchant families, and the only marketable skills he possessed being combat and law enforcement, Doric found himself in a bit of a bind. However, both the Greater Askellon Trade Combine and the Pale League have their own enemies outside of the Imperium's concern, and they are willing to pay for someone to retrieve them. As such, Doric fell in as a Bounty Hunter, and found the personal freedom and wealth that he had always dreamed of. He would hunt through the filthy corners of Port Aquila, and even asteroid hoppers as bounties tried to flee to other areas of the sector. Doric has seen it all, from pirates, to thieves, from killers, to slavers. All of them have come across his bounty board. Ten years of success and high adventure brought the humble Bounty Hunter some infamy on the asteroid rings.

Perhaps too much infamy.

One day-cycle Doric was enjoying a quiet drink in his favorite bar, when a gaunt nightmare in a wide-brimmed hat glided through the place and held the grizzled Desperado in a soul-chilling gaze. The man identified himself as Inquisitor Falstich, and "offered" the Bounty Hunter a place in his Acolytes. It was clear that this was less of a business proposal, and more of a conscription. With little choice in the matter, Doric found himself working for the kind of organization that he has tried to avoid his whole life. The irony of the situation can only make the Bounty Hunter laugh his cynical laugh, before his thoughts turn to the hope of eventual release from service. He would rather end his days with a mountain of coin, and a private asteroid to retire on. Alas, the life of an Inquisitorial Acolyte does not normally come with a retirement plan.