Rhia Sarken

Build: Scrawny (5'4", 115 lbs)
Age: 24
Ruddy Complexion, Dyed Hair (Dark Teal), Blue-Grey Eyes
Non-tattoo Identifying Marks: Pierced Eyebrow and Ears, Discolored Fingernails
Clothing: Flak Vest, worn over bare skin, and worker's pants crudely cut off at the mid-thigh. Large, black boots.

=A History In Ink=

Ten-Color Wings
Shoulderblade-to-mid-back, Left and Right Sides
Received 10 years ago. Initiation Tattoo for the Painted Angels. The work was originally done without color, with one feather on each side colored in for each year spent in the gang.

Red Cog with Circumscribed Letter "M" within and Aquila Above

Above Breast, Left Side
Received 5 years ago. Symbol of devotion and commitment. Aquila added a few months later, after Malakai Jarra was killed in a territory dispute with the Scalpel Kings.

Style Killer in Five Pieces
Underside of Arm, Left Side
Received less than 1 year ago. Celebrates the Angels' victory over the well-equipped Cloudboy gang, the Style Killers. Hidden within the severed arm is a small cog with a =I=, as it was during this incident that she was recruited as an acolyte.

High-Caliber Rusty Bullet Belt
Above Knee, Right Side
Received 2 years ago. Portrays a series of rusty sniper-rifle bullets that loop around the leg entirely. Celebrates the assassination of a heretek that had taken over the Ironmongers and led them against the Angels.

Decorative Swirls
Spiraling Up and Around Fingers, Left Side
She's unsure when or why she did this one, but she's certain Desoleum Fungus and high-grade Coolant Moonshine was involved.

Quill, Dripping With Blue Ink
Along Cheekbone, Right Side
Received 3 years ago. Signifies that she is considered a Master Skin Artist.

Crossed Syringes, Filled with Black Liquid
Lower Back, Center
Received 6 years ago. Worn by all Painted Angels who contracted, but survived the "Oilborne Plague" that decimated the lower hive.

Barrel On Fire "Light-Up" Electoo
Upper Arm, Right Side
Received 8 years ago. Done after the gang received a lucrative payout from a noble family who paid them to raid and raze a competitor's warehouse in the middle-hive.


Cog w/ Red Bionic Eye
Behind Index Finger, Right Side
Received recently. A reminder of her oath to allow xenos trader Zax Holthane to live as long as he informed on the rest of his Trade Sable connections and gave up his stock.