Karan Boland
Name: Karan Boland
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Age: 20

Appearance: Karan is a relatively tall (for her world) young woman, she has soft features and pale skin to match them and give a somewhat delicate air, yet she is fit after her training at Ten Blessings. Her hazel eyes and specially her fiery hair are perhaps the most distinctive features about her, hair making a good contrast against her pale skin, but these are all too common back a her homeworld, Taiid.

Wearing and Carrying: Hooded robe-like loose clothes over an armoured bodyglove, heavy boots, flamer, hand flamer, chainsword, chainblade.

Background: Karan Boland was the fourth daughter of the Boland family, a family of petty nobles that had seen better days but as fates would have it, were having a small rebirth after successfully involving themselves with the emerging wave of trade importance and the slowly forming merchant 'class'. Standing in the twilight between both worlds, with a name (though small) and a steadily recovering fortune, they once again aspire to recover their previous status even if humble  and with some luck go beyond through mercantile enterprises.

In it was Karan, fourth daughter and prime coin for exchange and prestige earning for the family, that was until her tutoring began at an early age, all in pro of teaching her some minute understanding of the family business and other more in depth knowledge of protocol and lady like affairs for court. Sadly for the family, it soon became clear that Karan wasn't the most academically inclined of their children, making her certainly an even more unlikely candidate to inherit the family property and business as well as unsuitable as a lady in waiting, as she was more likely than not bring embarrassment to the family name in such environment. Thus she was given much leeway for a few months until a third option was open for her future, she was sent to Ten Blessings so that perhaps she could do there some good for herself and with some luck to the family, hoping the more ruthless methods of instruction would get through Karan's thick mind.

It was a success, though with much initial struggle, Karan started to make progress in her indoctrination and while she had qualities that barred doors for her, she demonstrated having others that made her show promise as a prospect candidate for others. Although more in some areas than others, the harsh training and systematical indoctrination produced good results, Karan became an exemplary asset, not too bright and quite a naive person who takes on a simple-minded approach to life, her flaws can be nothing but virtues if seen from the right angle. On top of that, she was drilled to become a competent fighter and while not traveled at all, hailing from a backwater feudal world, the indoctrination she went through ensured that her mind was steeled to face the rigors and horrors that laid in wait far beyond the star that heated Taiid, not to mention her fanatical devotion and unquestioningly obedience.

Maybe it was because of these reasons that when the Inquisition knocked Ten Blessing's doors seeking recruits, Karan was selected over other candidates, even though she was far from perfect, maybe in the inquisition's eyes she was a fitting pawn for their plans...