Eos Verity
Service/Status: Adeptus Arbites/Active
Rank: Shock Trooper Sergeant/Enforcer
Adeptus Identification Number: EEV-007-1034001-053876
Adeptus Arbites Benefits Number: 112191387-09
Civilian Status: No
Gender: Female

Age: 27
Height: 200.7 cm (~6' 7")
Weight: ~90kg (~200 lbs)
Eyes: Hazel/Blue

Seeing Eos without her helmet on is something of a rare occurrence, but it happens occasionally enough for people to know she has short, blonde hair and sometimes blue eyes. Other times they're a murky green. It depends on both her own mood, and the lighting. But usually, her helmet is on, and her face is set in a near permanent scowl when it is. An Arbitrator is rarely seen without a severe expression on their face, and Verity is no different.

Eos is a rather large woman, and quite powerfully built, obvious even under the black carapace she wears. Physically imposing, and in a position of authority, Eos is very used to getting her way with the average citizen of the Imperium. And when she doesn't get her way initially, liberal doses of Shock Maul often quells any fight someone might have had. She has the stance of someone that has trained hard in combat all her life. Though no scars are visible under her carapace, the armour tells a tale itself for those that can read it.

Aside from her light, breathable carapace, Eos has a plainly visible Shock Maul magnetized in place on her hip whilst she's moving. When she stands still however, she almost always pulls it from it's spot and holds it behind her back as she waits for whatever is going on to break down into fighting. Being an Arbitrator isn't exactly the most safe of jobs.

Aside from the working Shock Maul at her side, she wears the haft of another Maul on her other hip, though the weapon is obviously useless. Upon closer inspection, it appears to have strange, swirling inscriptions upon it.

Next to the haft of the useless maul is a simple rebreather along with several small air canisters next to it.

Magnetized to her back is a simple, well crafted metal shield that has been painted matte black. It is currently unblemished and looks quite new.

Her left nostril has a small, practically unnoticeable stud pierced through.

Meaning of her Arbites Symbols:
Silver Lining - Denotes an Act of Heroism.

Yellow and Black Stripes on Breastplate - Denotes Specialization as a Shock Trooper.

Yellow and Black Stripes on Pauldrons - Each Stripe denotes a critical injury in the service of the Imperium. There are seven on each shoulder, for a total of 14.

Two Red Stripes on Bracers - Denotes her rank of Sergeant.

Yellow Lining on Neck Protector - Denotes her status as a Weapon's Trainer.

Raised Skulls on Bracers - Denotes her status as a Close Quarters Combat Master

Decorative Red Squares on Clavicle - Each denotes an Act of Bravery.

Cog Symbol on Pauldrons - Denotes Main Assignment to Hive Desoleum.