Dr. Nanamaki
Dr. Nanamaki is the oldest teacher at the school by both age and looks, but any student who has said so in class was punished and has refused to relive it by saying what it was. She keeps her silver hair in a pristine bun at the back of her head and her icy blue eyes almost always show, as if she doesn't blink. Her eyes turn bright silver when she uses her powers. She sometimes dresses in long pants, usually dark blue or black, and long sleeve shirts of usually dark blue, black, or grey in color with her white lab coat over. Sometimes she wears pantsuits but she always wears her lab coat too. No one can ever get away with not paying attention in her class, as if she sees and hears everything that goes on. She enforces strict laws in her class and is very hard and serious. She constantly has a clipboard and pen. She teaches the Control class.

Ability: Mind Reader, Telekinesis