Alex and Nail Thornell
Name: Alexander "Alex"/Nail Thorell.

Age: 15

Appearance: They're both at a super short height of 4'11, weighing in at a light 96 lbs and have a very thin and pale body. The difference comes in their hair. Alex has a light blue tone to both his eyes and hair while Nail takes on a more red tone to his eyes; his hair is red and brown.

Picture: (Like this with more human like ears and the correct colors for Nail)

Personality: Alex is often seen as happy, curious and easy going on others. He seems to want to be friends with everyone and is always there for them. He also shows a lot of respect towards others, especially grown ups!  Nail however is quite the opposite. He loves creating trouble and is quite disrespectful to others around him. When people ask for help he'll normally give them a glare and tell them to leave him alone as her prefers being just that, alone. Despite their differences, both Alex and Nail love each other and always tried to help each other through danger.

Likes (Alex): Alex likes Nail, being with friends, loose candy, and nature.
Dislikes: When people get angry, when Nail misbehaves, and licorice.
Greatest Fear: Losing Nail.

Likes (Nail): Candy, causing mischief, relaxing, flying, and being alone with nature.
Dislikes: Having to do what other people tell him to do, people making fun of his name, and when Alex acts like a "sissy".
Greatest Fear: Losing Alex.

Backstory: Alex and Nails story starts as early as when they were born. They were originally twins but when Nail died in the womb his soul attatched to Alexander's making him a part of his brother. At home, when Alex was young, Alex mentioned Nail (whom his parents just assumed was his imaginary friend). Later, when Alex started to get into his teenage years, the visions started and Nail started to become more out going. When his parents found out about his powers and the visions, they immediately went on to the Internet to find a solution to these problems. After some research they found out about the "It's Not Madness Institute for the Chosen" and immediately contacted the school about their "sons".

Living: Alexander will ask the school if there are any available jobs around for him to make some money.

Ability: Shape shifting and Soul Swapping (with each other). With shape shifting, Alex
 and Nail have the ability to shape shift into three different animals. They are a house cat, falcon, or cobra. If the animal has red eyes, Nail is in control and if it has blue eyes Alex is in control. Soul switching gives Alex the ability to switch out his body to Nail giving him control. This can happen willingly when one lets the other in control or one can forcefully take control, but things like being scared, sneezing or hiccups can all cause them to switch.

Visions/Side Effects: When one them falls into a vision they're often in a park playing with the other as if one of them never died at birth. Side effects include their hair and eyes turning purple.

Theme Song: