Michael Fenric
Name: Michael Fenric

   Age: 16

   Appearance: (See pic below) eyes are a piercing blue. almost all of his outfits look the same. the only difference is the color of his shirt.

   Personality: Generally happy and go lucky however when he gets angry it is very dangerous to be the target of his anger.

   Likes: Caring people, his friends, food

   Dislikes: bullys, asparagus, uncaring people

   Greatest Fear: that his power will get out of control and he will harm everyone

   Backstory: Michael grew up near the ocean in Scotland. He was raised on a farm and always did what he could to help his parents out. He is a kindhearted kid who always does his best.

   Living: Michael was taken from his home in the middle of the night at the age of 10. He suddenly woke up outside the gate to the school. He doesn't know who is paying for his school but whoever it is, they are very rich.

   Ability: "Stormlord" Anything and everything that has to do with storms of nature ie Hurricanes Thunderstorms, rain, blizzard, tornados, Lightning, Highspeed winds, and other stuff like that. While technically he cant fly directly he can use his powers to carry him along. The giant thing he fights is actually the ancient and very powerful primal spirit of nature. He will only achieve true power whenever he finally realizes to accept it and not fight it and they both become one being.

   Visions/Side Effects: normally in his visions he is crushed and torn apart by a great being made up of storm clouds that he tries to fight with his powers but always loses.

Theme Song: The Trees-Rush