Xeno Firegrove
Name: Xeno Firegrove

Age: 17

Appearance: Medium build. Shoulder length hair, blonde, grey tips. Wears casual clothing most days. Silver eyes, slightly pointed ears. Pale skin tone due to her French/Russian heritage.

Personality: Generally cheerful and optimistic, tends to get a bit too curious and meddling, lets her negative emotions build up inside until she either snaps or breaks down into tears. She speaks with a French accent.

Likes: Sweets, birds, fire, romance, nice people, dressing up.

Dislikes: Bullies, spiders, creative blocks, science.

Greatest Fear: Tight spaces.

Backstory: After her father left her and her mother, Xeno's uncle took them in. The day Xeno discovered her ability was a morning when she and her uncle were having a staring contest. After a few seconds, her mind began to fill with images and voices from his memories. Overwhelmed and dizzy, she passed out. Since then, Xeno has learned to avoid prolonged periods of eye contact by looking at the forehead or by closing her eyes. Even though most people found this sketchy at best, Xeno still managed to make friends and avoid bullies.

Living: Works at her mother's inn on the weekends as a waitress.

Ability: Telepathy via direct eye contact.

Visions: Only occurs during prolonged eye contact. Starts by hearing the person's thoughts in the first few seconds, then flashes through their memories until she gets overwhelmed and passes out. Afterwords, she feels incredibly guilty.