Junpei Tsukimoto
Name: Junpei Tsukimoto

Age: 17

Appearance: Junpei's hair is a livid, gray-blue. It's medium length and is seemingly always pushed back and out of his face. His eyes are a dark blue, almost to the point of being black. His skin is decently tanned from being out in the sun on the construction crew. Junpei has an average frame with broad shoulders and defined muscles throughout his body. He stands between 5'10 and 5'11. Normally he wears darker colors though not limited solely to black. He commonly wears a scarf or other material around his neck which he uses to cover his mouth and nose while on the construction site.

Personality: Junpei likes to be an individual. Not in the sense that he wants to change the world or be recognized, but that he doesn't want to rely on anybody. Junpei is often quiet around people he doesn't know very well. He dislikes people doubting his personal ability and takes to challenging situations with distaste but can't help but try to prove himself, commonly in an aggressive manner. This often leads to conflict with others. And even amongst Junpei's lazy attitude he's almost always, secretly, trying for perfection.

Likes: Becoming more powerful, pie and cobbler, ice cream, being able to relax

Dislikes: Being forced into doing something, being challenged, ultimatums, popular attention

Greatest Fear: Dying before he has complete control of his ability/losing control and being crushed by his power.

Backstory: Junpei seemed like a lazy kid. His parent's wished he'd show more interest and/or put more effort in, but he never seemed to struggle with anything either. Junpei was twelve when he had his first vision he can recall. It didn't seem too profound but it was of a couple astral bodies orbiting one another. The following day when he was in his science class the teacher put on a display of gravity. Using a trampoline and some weights and marbles to demonstrate the concept. Intrigued, Junpie moved closer and upon touching the frame the entire display collapses rather violently. As if it were twenty times the weight of what it should have been. Nobody knew exactly what had happened, including Junpei. Over the next year or so the visions became more vivid and more common. And incidents like the one at school started to happen more often. Things he touched seemed to multiply their weight or sometimes even float, until he broke contact with them. Junpei eventually began to piece things together as did his family. His parents didn't quite know what was going on but they knew Junpei was responsible for the events. They kept quiet not wanting to cause an uproar in the community. It wasn't until he was sixteen that his family learned of the institute run Slena Tarvitz. It was then that Junpei started working at a construction site performing odd jobs to help raise money to get into the school. After he turned seventeen his family had saved enough for him to start attending the It's Not Madness Institute for the Chosen.

Living: Works for a construction company. Uses his power to stay at the top of the team but nobody on the work force knows about it. Also performs various street demonstrations for some quick cash.

Ability: Gravity (Currently, control is limited to himself, things he can touch, small objects in very close proximity. Strength of gravitational fields depends on level of concentration.)

Visions: Suns and stars. Black holes. Meteors, comets, and asteroids. Orbiting and colliding planets. Floating cars. Crumbling buildings. Objects being crushed and/or pulled apart.

Side Effects: Junpei feels a heavy weight on his back forcing him to kneel or fall to his hands and knees. His head bows as if being pushed or pulled to the ground. His lungs burn, gasping for air as they are being crushed. His joints buckle under pressure sometimes leaving him in a heap on the floor. Many times he fights back creating pressure waves and gravity origins around himself in an attempt to pull himself back to his feet. This normally results in mild to moderate damage to the area around him.

Theme Song: N/A