Izaya Allen
Name: Izaya Alen

Age: 17

Appearance: Amber eyes, auburn hair that falls to bottom of ears, wears a white v-neck t-shirt and black jeans. He is Japanese with a slight muscly build and stands about 5'7". His skin is a tan colour.

Personality: His face is serious and he doesn't talk, as if he doesn't know how to. He is quiet and has a slightly intimidating looking expression. He is obedient save for a few rebellious moments, but he doesn't reveal much about his personal beliefs or opinions.

Likes: Fire

Dislikes: Fire

Greatest Fear: Accidentally (Purposefully?) killing someone he loves.

Backstory: He grew up alone from the age of 8 on and says his life was normal, whispering to confidential ears of course. He lived between warehouses, living on what he could find. He won't talk about it to anyone. (The reason being, he started a house fire, his parents died in it.)

Living: He is looking for work but is getting in on special circumstances (an agreement with Proffessor Slena Tarvitz).

Ability: Fire Elemental

Visions/Side Effects: He combusts into flames when he gets visions. He becomes violent, silently screaming, seeing his mother and father dying in the house fire he started.