Eiko 'Lauren' Masumoto
Name: Eiko "Lauren" Masumoto

Age: 19

Appearance: Slim but fit build. Long, dark brown hair usually tied back. Wears a variety of dresses, skirts, and corsets. Fair skin. Hazel eyes. Japanese ethnicity.

Personality: Firey and rambunctious, has more of a devil-may-care attitude and will stand up to anyone who she feels is below or even to her.

Likes: The fine arts including dancing, steampunk things, food of all kinds, fantastic mustaches.

Dislikes: Bugs, oppressive authority figures, being bossed around (with the exception of her brother).

Greatest fear: Being bedridden.

Backstory: Her first vision occured when she was 3 after her brother was born. Since then, she and her brother (whom she calls Dargon) shared the visions simultaneously. Their mother home schooled them in all subjects including spell weaving. She and her brother decided to go to this school after their visions became terribly violent.

Living: Performs at pubs and events during the weekends and after school.

Ability: Can infuse spells and charms into accessories. However, when she does this, her fingers will burn and steam hours after.

Visions: When she enters a vision, she sees a picture of interacting mythical beasts. Outside her vision, she emits a wuiet low hum that harmonizes with her brother's. The more violent the vision, the more dissonant the sound.

Theme song: Chasing the Dragon by: Epica