Tomio 'Timeus' Masumoto
Name: Tomio "Timeus" Masumoto

Age: 16 17

Appearence: Stocky build. Clean cut brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair skin. Wears casual suits and a variety of hats. Usually carries a cane.

Personality: Restrained and conservitive. However very cheerful. A bit short tempered  (runs in the family). A gentleman in training.

Likes: Tea, sports, mythology, reading, and steampunk things.

Dislikes: Coffee, violence, uncooth behavior, seeing ladies cry.

Greatest fear: Being driven insane by his visions.

Backstory: Had his first vision at 3 years old. Ever since he's been sharing them with his sister. When they started becoming violent, he followed his sister to the school. But to mostly to keep her in line.

Living: Works as an actor in the local theater.

Ability: Conjures beings that will assist him at his command. However when he does so, after they are dismissed, he has a splitting headache for 2 hours.

Visions: Same as his sister.

Theme song: Billington Breakdown by Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer