Celestia Fairfeather
Name: Celestia Fairfeather

Age: 15

Appearance: Thin and slightly over 5' 6". Long black hair to her upper back  and green eyes that seem to be always narrow and full of hate. The pale skin of her head and legs are covered in ancient and confusing symbols of demonic origin. She usually wears clothing of black and green. Always carries a long staff of  wood as tall as her with a symbol engraved on the top decorated with rubies.

Personality: Celestia is always loud and rude, always speaking her opinions. She is a compulsive liar, and is always in search of trouble. She rarely makes friends.

Likes: Hot fudge, marshmallows, hot chocolate, loud music, being alone, and roses.

Dislikes: Snow, ice, and 'goodie two shoes' kind of people.

Greatest Fear: Freezing to death.

Backstory: She was born in a remote farm with her parents and siblings. She is closest to her siblings because her parents were never home.She nor her siblings saw any technology in the house besides a radio that ran constantly on modern radio stations. She grew believing deeply in magic and prayed with her twin sister Clara, her brother James, who is ten years older than her and with her little sister Kitty who is nine years younger. She has always had a slight distance between them for she of her attitude and preference for being alone. When her brother left four years ago to explore the world, she comforted her twin sister Clara, who was devastated by his departure. Her visions started as random events when she would faint and shiver endlessly. Her parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandparents thought she was cursed and desperately tried to teach her control, tattooing the symbols on her head and legs. Yet the fainting continued into the night where the house would be destroyed by random spikes from the ground and they gave up. They had no other choice to bring her to the school.

Living: Her family pays.

Ability: Earth elemental, though she has been convinced that her staff allows her to control her powers and believes she can't use her ability without it.

Visions/Side Effects: She is back home where she tied to her bed as a blizzard freezes her slowly. She stops what she is doing and collapses, shivering intensly.

Theme Music: Monster by Skillet