Ella Testera
Name: Ella Testera

Age: 20

Appearance: Tall, lithe, and frail-looking, she is pale and has white hair that falls to the ground. Her eyes are aqua blue and her lips a soft pink, and her smile is welcoming, calming, and dazzling. A smile that would comfort someone and make them want to smile too. She always wears a white gown, it is the one thing she has.

Personality: Mysterious. While she is very calm and always optimistic and smiling, and she never seems to be completely "there", wherever she goes. Like a piece of her is somewhere else, and she is just moving along wherever her feet take her.

Likes: Light, Warmth, Wind

Dislikes: Darkness, Loud Noises

Greatest Fear: Other's Death's

Backstory: She doesn't remember anything but a life in the forest, alone, never struggling, just living, a brook beside the tree she slept in, and the grass and trees and animals around her. She doesn't remember living with other humans, and doesn't talk, but seems to understand English. When she was found by a strange man, he sent her here, for she had blinded him by redirecting light with her hands and mind. She was given the name Ella Testera by the man who found her. He also noted that her bare feet and hands looked dirty but everything else seemed completely pristine.

Living: The organization the man works for pays the school for all expenses, in exchange for studies of her behavior and power.

Ability: Light Elemental

Visions/Side Effects: At this stage, she is only able to manipulate light that is already there, later she will be able to generate light. In a vision, she sings in a series of notes, and starts walking to an unknown location, and lights brighten around her. She sees her forest home, and a single blurry figure clad in a white, flowing gown...

Theme Song: N/A