Jackson Parris
Name: Jackson Parris

Age: 15

Appearance: Jackson is American, small and fragile looking, with a thin frame, toe-head white-blonde hair that is short in back with longer, wild bangs in front of his ears, big scared deep ocean blue eyes, pale face, pale skin, stands about 5'3" except for his scared cower, which can often make him an inch or two shorter. He wears light blue long sleeve turtleneck shirts and deep blue jeans.

Personality: Scaredy Cat. He is afraid of everything and everyone.

Likes: Water, Gentle people, Shells and Rocks

Dislikes: Bullies

Greatest Fear: His family beating him to death or harming his friends.

Backstory: He had an abusive family. He was often beaten, and he wore long covering clothing to cover the bruises. He was fed less than his siblings, and was bullied at school. Otherwise, his life was normal.

Living: His parents pay to keep him here, he may find work.

Ability: Water Elemental

Visions/Side Effects: He passes out, and draws water from the nearest source, creating a bubble around himself. He pictures times he was beaten by his father, and flooding his home with his family inside. This is the most common. Other times he can be known to do all with the accompaniment of screams and/or sobs, and seeing other abusive times by various other members of the family.