Catherine Maneli
Name: Catherine Maneli
Age: 15

Appearance: Catherine is very small at 5' and 100 lbs, she looks extremely fragile. Adding on to her already sickly looking body, her skin is nearly milk white and there's always dark circles under her eyes as if she never sleeps. She has beautiful black hair that falls well past her shoulders and gray eyes that seem lifeless.

Personality: Despite looking so pitiful, she usually has a slightly nervous but very social smile. She usually likes being around people, but sometimes that is strongly not the case. Often times she acts in ways that seem unnecessary and odd to many people.

Likes: Kind People
Dislikes: Cruel People

Greatest Fear: Her father finding her and killing her.

Backstory: Her father never wanted her. When her parents found out she was coming along, they fought about keeping the unplanned child. The mother defended her belief in no abortion, and the father eventually agreed. When he found out she was a girl, he treated her like trash her whole life. Her mother comforted her behind his back, and when her mother noticed her visions and ability, she immediately sent her to the school she went to as a teen. She sent her with a phone so she could call her whenever she needed to.

Living: Mother pays for everything school fee wise, but can't send any side money. She does not yet know if she will get a job on the side.

Ability: Future Sight

Visions/Side Effects: Her visions basically roll into her ability. She hopes to gain control of when they happen and whose future she sees, though right now it is quite random. When a vision is going to happen, she starts to act oddly, trying to "get away". As a vision starts, she freezes completely and even her breath stops. Then it looks like she passes out. Then, depending on what she sees, she can shake violently, scream, cry, etc...