Nathan 'Neko' Kim
Name: Nathan 'Neko' Kim

Age: 16

Appearance: Neko is of Irish and Korean decent, but was born and raised in America. He is a boy of a standard 5 foot 6, with a lean frame. Many have described his appearance as almost catlike with a flat nose and round green eyes with pupils that seem to thin in the light. His smile usually shows unusually long canine teeth.

His raven hair usually is streaked with bright colors, a neon blue at current, and covered by a matching knitted beanie. He always wears colorful shirts that are loose around the neck, and one of his distinct color tinted glasses. His pants are always loose and baggy, held up by a furry belt that usually matches his beanie and the thickened gloves on his hands.

Under his beanie are two cat ears covered in fur that he dies to the color of the streaks in his hair, though they are originally black. His belt is actually his tail that he also dies, and when released hangs just above the floor. Under the gloves are unusually padded hands with retractable claws.

Personality: He is always playful, trying to joke around and have fun with an ever present smile. He always is jumping on stuff, and usually skips and jumps as he walks.

Likes: Milk, bright colors, chasing things, jumping, moving, playing, friends, kittens, and sleeping.

Dislikes: Water, dull colors, sitting, dogs, and bullies.

Greatest Fear: Drowning to death

Backstory: After being disowned at birth, Nathan was given to his mother's sister, the nurse in New York City who raised him. He always was afraid of water, and his first time swimming at age five spawned his first vision. One day when he was six, he started to get unbearable pain in his spine, crying and sobbing.
When his Aunt examined the site of the pain, she was shocked to see she was growing a tail. As he grew even older, his ears moved higher on his head and changed, soon becoming ears like a cat has. His eyes changed as well, becoming slightly larger and rounder with pupils that become thinner in direct light. His fingers lost their fingernails and grew thicker, growing retractable claws and his canine teeth lengthened.
Over the next ten years, he slowly became used to his new form, but only figured out his ability at age fourteen. His aunt homeschooled him and he mastered disguising himself in public. Yet his visions became worse and more common. When his aunt heard of a school that can help him control the visions, she signed him up immediately.

Living: His aunt pays.

Ability: Shape-shifting, but only has three forms. Cat, Human, and Neko.
His cat form is a black cat with green eyes.
His human is of him if he never transformed ten years ago.
In his Neko form he has cat ears, eyes, claws, and tail. His senses are more sensitive, he has advanced reflexes and flexibility, and can see with much less light than a human can.
Right now he can only change into a cat for five minutes and change his ears to normal for fifteen minutes.

Visions/Side Effects: His vision is he is in the ocean and being pulled under the surface and drowning. He jumps to the highest point he can access and digs his claws deep into whatever material it is. His gloves are designed not to be punctured by his claws, so no damage is done and no one gets hurt.

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