Drifa Arnadottir
Name: Drifa Arnadóttir

Age: 16

Appearance: Drifa stands five feet and eight inches in height.  She has deep red hair and has an athletic, powerful frame.  She weighs around one hundred sixty pounds, has dark eyes, and her expression is usually one of neutral seriousness.

Personality: Contrary to her appearance, Drifa is pretty outgoing and happy most of the time.  She's generally positive about most situations, and has no problem socially slipping into a more serious tone when the situation calls for it.  She's also deeply driven and competitive, even if she doesn't tell someone she's competing with them.  She'll instead use them as a goal to overcome, so that she is at their level at something.

Likes: Sports, competition, video games, winter, dancing, languages

Dislikes: Dull people, bullies, busywork, her fear of snakes

Greatest Fear: Snakes.  Drifa finds the concept of snakes absolutely terrifying.  Sharks?  Whatever.  She's swam in the ocean before.  Bears or lions?  Nothing.  Tiny little garden snake?  IT'S GONNA KILL ME!

Backstory: Drifa was born in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Everything about her life has been relatively normal, or so she and her family would have let most people believe.  In truth, she hasn't slept a wink since she was three years old.  Drifa has shown no ill effects from this, and has used it to her advantage in her studies.  She got perfect marks through her early school years while still finding time to excel at sports and volunteer work.  With the excess amount of time she had, her parents pushed her hard towards athletics, and she gravitated towards martial arts, swimming, and running.  She also found she enjoyed linguistics.  The school system required she learn Danish and English, and she has also picked up Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and German.

Over the last year, her body has started to show some changes.  Drifa has accelerated in her physical capabilities.  A sparring partner shattered the bones in his hand when he punched her stomach.  Her running times have sporadically defied what should be possible.  She's also found herself having waking dreams, or visions, of doing things that shouldn't be humanly possible.  She accidentally crushed her heavy duty bike lock when locking her bike up.  Her parents have, as a result, sent her off to a special school they found out about.

Living: Her parents are reasonably well off.  They are paying for school and necessities.  She is given a hundred dollars to spend as she pleases a month.

Ability: Drifa's ability is body augmentation.  Simply put, her body is capable of becoming stronger, faster, tougher, etc... than other people's bodies.  Her inability to sleep is actually the fact that her body is so efficient that it doesn't need to sleep to restore itself (including mental function).  Most likely some of this will develop with time.  Some will come from physical training.  There will likely be other methods this plays out and increases.

Visions/Side Effects: The visions usually involve doing something superhuman in terms of physical capability.  Withstanding an explosion, lifting a train, etc...  Her body tends to tense up greatly at these moments, and the strongest man can't move her from her from her location.

Theme Song: (Optional) Will figure this out in play at some point.