Seran Rikov
Name: Seran Rikov

Age: 16

Appearance: Seran has black hair with some shades of blue, it is medium length and a bit spikey. His eyes are like bright blue sapphires, they almost shimmer and glow when in complete darkness. Seran's skin is tanned, but not to dark. He is about 5'10, around 145, fairly fit. Seran looks like a sprinter in build. So thin, but well toned. Now for the odd stuff. He is a Neko, but the only things he gained from his mother were the ears, tail, retractable claws, and some other minor features.

Personality: Seran is one of those who is always looking forward, the past is the past regardless how awful it may have been, and for him it was pretty awful. Yet he is always very cheerful. Mind you should you hurt anyone he considers part of his pride.. Or what normal people would call Friends. His personality becomes that of a very angry lion or pack leader.

Likes: Any and all food, due to always training himself. He tends to have a ferocious appetite. He loves J-rock and J-pop. As well as american rock and roll. He loves Parkour, being a Neko this would be a natural style of running. He created his own martial arts combining parkour and Capoeira.

Dislikes: He will not tolerate bulling of any type and will quickly come to the defense of anyone who is being bullied. Anyone who acts like a villain.

Greatest Fear: Finding himself helpless to save someone he cares for. (You could say he has a -Hero- complex.

Backstory: Seran was born to a Japanese/Neko mother and a Russian mob boss. Things were tough, yet his parents always found time for him. Which many would be surprised with, due to his fathers background. They were always moving around, and running from state officials. Still he had a great childhood. He quickly developed his running and natural speed was off the charts. So around his tenth birthday he started working for his father's outfit. Running money from place to place.

One day while running he stopped dead in his tracks, the landscape completely changed, he saw blood everywhere. Seran eyes were wide with terror. He had never seen so many dead bodies. then his eyes fixed on seeing his mother and father being gunned down, by his brother. Seran stood there only able to watch. Then suddenly he snapped back to reality. Seran wondered if it had been a dream. But then he looks at his arms. There are bright red runes glowing, and then the other thing came to him, he was standing at the entrance to his home. Seran's mother was staring in awe at the glowing runes that covered his arms and head.

Seran could not ignore the vision, even though he told his mother what he saw. She didn't listen to him. Seran would start to track his uncle. Watching and listening to his every movement. Then he came across some information which confirmed what would come to pass in his vision. Then the day came. Seran was with his parents as they went to get the weekly earnings from his uncle. The scene was the same, the setting was the same, the mood was the same. Seran knew he had to do something. A single shot rang out, and it seemed like time froze. His head snaps towards the gunshot. The runes glow brightly, the bullet seems to lock up and switched directions and time seemed to catch up, the bullet hits his uncle in the head and falls dead. The ones that were with him, beg for forgiveness. But all eight were executed. It dawned on Seran as he looked around. The scene now looked exactly as it had. Whatever had happened only changed who died, but did not prevent the scene from coming to pass.

Over the next few years, more visions came and he used his training and now martial arts training to try and put the visions in the back of his mind.. Anything to ignore them. But eventually they would overcome him, and his mother would send him to this special school.

Living: His mother and father pay for the tuition, but require him to find work to pay for his living quarters and meals. Seran would take up being a bodyguard for other students, friends, or those who would seek him out. Leaving lots of opportunity for interesting events.

False visions: When the power is activated and he looks the person in the eyes. It locks them in a minute long vision, these visions always show the scenario ending how the person wants to , until near the end of its duration. Where things go horrifyingly wrong. It can becomes a nightmare from this point to finish, or it could be used to a soothing effect.

Example of a soothing vision: A young child father died while protecting her. But she didn't get to say goodbye, he could use his ability to in essence give her a chance to say goodbye to him.

Visions/Side Effects: The visions are always about death or something really bad happening to those around him, often times when he awakens he is standing near where it would take place, or where the victim might be.

Seran falls into a near hypnotic state while seeing the vision. There would be bright glowing runes. Each rune would be a different representation of luck. His eyes would each have a searing red rune. When he comes to he is spacey for a moment, then collects himself.

Theme Song: